Minium Algorithms

Minium is a header-only library of common algorithms and datastructures.

The minium mineral is the naturally occurring form of lead tetroxide, Pb2+2Pb4+O4, also known as red lead.

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Data Structures

  • Fenwick Tree - calculating prefix sums
  • Rational - representing rational numbers
  • Suffix Array - suffix and longest common prefix (LCP) arrays
  • Union Find - disjoint-set data structure
  • Graph - a simple graph class


Sequence algorithms

Provides common algorithms for sequences.

  • LIS - Longest Increasing Subsequence
  • Interval Cover - Finds the minimum number of intervals that can be used to cover an interval

Graph Algorithms

Provides common graph algorithms.

  • MST - Minimum Spanning Tree

Modular arithmetic

Provides common functions for modular arithmetic.

  • mod - i mod m
  • gcd - greatest common divison
  • lcm - least common multiple
  • int div - integer division
  • euclidean - Euclid's extended algorithm
  • mod add/sub/div/mult/pow - basic operations, congruent modulo m
  • inverse euler - modular multiplicative inverse