GoodFET42 Modified PCB

This is a modified version of Travis Goodspeed's "GoodFET42" JTAG pod design. The schematic has not been modified (except for renaming "LED1" to "MO" to indicate its role as the Mode LED), but the PCB has been modified to allow it to be built by hobbyists with a relatively modest home PCB lab.

Design rules are thus:

  • Top and bottom sides are linked by large vias, well away from ICs. This allows the top and bottom sides to be linked with Harwin track pins, pieces of solid-core wire, or similar things.
  • Tracks may enter SMD pads from the short side only, perpendicular with the long side (in other words: "make the pad longer"). This makes it easier to determine whether a short between two IC pins is intentional.
  • IDC connector is soldered on the bottom side only; tracks may connect from the bottom layer only. Most home PCB labs don't have through-plating facilities :)
  • 16 mil isolation from ground plane to tracks and pads.