TFTPD64 should ignore double slashes in TFTP filenames

Issue #10 new
Gert van den Berg
created an issue

Version: 4.62

I'm attempting to netboot CloneZilla. The bootx64.efi file (From Ubuntu), seems to attempt to load some files with paths containing double slashes. This results in errors even if the files exist (without the problematic directory name). (Unixes ignores double slashes and it might make sense to emulate that behaviour)

Connection received from on port 25304 [23/08 12:49:26.246] Read request for file </EFI/boot//grub.cfg>. Mode octet [23/08 12:49:26.246] Error EACCESS on file EFI\boot\grub.cfg. Ext error The directory name is invalid. [23/08 12:49:26.246]

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