Latest download is detected as malware

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Tom Isaacson created an issue

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  1. Tom Isaacson reporter

    I had a friend who's in infosec run it through a VM and he said it's not:

    • No bundled software.
    • No unexpected network traffic.
    • Doesn't create any unexpected registry keys.

    So I suspect it's a false positive. I've raised it with our antivirus provider to investigate.

  2. Husker Wisely

    Hi I'm same problem in 4.62 32bit install and portable, also happening on 4.64 32bit I know tftpd32 or tftpd64 are not malware. but antivirus software will delete it. and I cannot workable in office. because I cannot stop office antivirus to delete my PC's tftpd32.

  3. Harry Sharma

    if your antivirus detect tftpd64 as malware then you don't need to delete/uninstall it. just add tftpd64.exe into antivirus exclusions list.

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