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         <li class="even"><a href="./atom.xml">atom feed</a> </li>
         <li class="odd"><a href="./best-of-comments.html">best of comments</a></li>
         <li class="even"><a href="./webpage-status.html">site status</a></li>
-        <li class="odd"><a href="./static/booklist.html">my book list</a></li>
-        <li class="even"><a href="./static/jm-resume-2009.0.pdf">my resume</a></li>
+        <li class="odd"><a href="./static/jm-resume-2009.0.pdf">my resume</a></li>
   <div id="page-outro">
     {% block footer %}
     <p id="copyright">
-      &copy; Copyright 2009, 2010 &nbsp; John Mulligan
+      &copy; Copyright 2009-2010 &nbsp; John Mulligan
     <p id="cc-license">
       Every page on this site is available under the
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