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small stuff

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 class TemplateConfig(configuration.Config):
     def __init__(self):
-        self._jenv = jinja2.Environment()
+        self._jenv = None
     def templateloader(self):
-        return jinja2.FileSystemLoader('/home/john/projects/newgenerator/skins/default')
+        p = '/home/john/projects/newgenerator/skins/default'
+        loader = jinja2.FileSystemLoader(p)
+        return loader
     def templateenv(self):
+        if not self._jenv:
+            self._jenv = jinja2.Environment(loader=self.templateloader())
         return self._jenv
     print 'Building:',
     tname = pctx.template()
     scope = dict(current=pctx, site=website, config=config)
-    template = config.templateloader().load(config.templateenv(), tname)
+    env = config.templateenv()
+    template = env.get_template(tname)
     fp = open(os.path.join(config.destination(), pctx.finalname()), 'w')


 # TODO cleanup
+#  This module was nearly directly ported from the muyhomepage/filament
+#  version 1. It has only been minimally updated.
 import re
 import docutils
             target, text = content.split('|', 1)
             target = text = content
-        target = './%s' % util.encodetitle(target)
+        target = './%s.html' % util.encodetitle(target)
         return '<a href="%s" class="wikilink">%s</a>' % (target, text)
-        assert 1 == 2, content
     def bracecmd(self, content):
-        return content
+        # this was a bad idea from the start
+        if content == 'start brackets':
+            return '[['
+        if content == 'end brackets':
+            return ']]'
+        assert (not content), content
 BRACKET_CMD = 'bracket'
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