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Inquisitor just allows you to export lots of JIRA issues extremely fast, like more 10x faster than default JIRA® REST API.

# jira credentials should be inside ~/.netrc file

curl -n -o test_1.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issues/JRA"
curl -n -o test_2.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issues/JRA?jql=resolution%3DUnresolved"
curl -n -o test_3.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issues/JRA?issuetype=13"
curl -n -o test_4.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issues/${PROJECT}?issuetype=13"

# gets only TC-123 and includes the issue keys of the first children but does not expand them
curl -n -o test_5.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issuetree/TC-123"

# yes, you can specify several issues keys, separated by commans 
curl -n -o test_5.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issuetree/TC-1,TC-2"

# get TC-1 and its children only for the first level
curl -n -o test_6.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issuetree/TC-1?depth=1"

# get TC-1 and its children up to level 5
curl -n -o test_6.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issuetree/TC-1?depth=5"

# getting all issues recursively with unlimited depth, not recommended, could run out memory if you have loops (should not have, but...)
curl -n -o test_6.json       "${SERVER}/rest/inquisitor/latest/issuetree/TC-1?depth=-1"

Sample result for tctree, an issue with 3 children, not expanded

[{"title":"That's the issue title","children":["TC-20817","TC-18971","TC-17965"],"type":"Hierarchy","key":"TC-5783"}]

A bug without children:

[{"title":"That's the issue title","type":"Bug,"key":"BUG-1"}]

An incomplete deep response, you should see that the children are expanded at the first level but not for the second one. You can control how much to expand with the depth parameter.

[{"title":"Xen Server","children":[{"title":"vGPU","children":["TC-20896","TC-20895",...

Sample result form issues query:

[{"reporter":"xxx","summary":"...","issuetype":"Bug","created":1389656245000,"assignee":null,"components":[],"resolution":null,"assigneeName":null,"reporterName":"John Doe","key":"TC-20958"},...