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Photobucket Actionscript Client Library for use with Photobucket's open REST API.

This Library is designed to mirror objects on the Photobucket servers. There are user, album and media objects that can be used to retrieve and manipulate those objects. All the objects are capable of lazy loading themselves as new data is requested. Often if you make changes you must call the commit method on these objects to save the changes. This is done to try and limit unnecessary calls to the API.

You can get a developer key at:

This library includes a working OAuth Library for signing requests that can be used independent of the Photobucket API.

The project depends on the as3crypto library that be found at

It is recommended that you use the source directly from Subversion as the swc's are not always kept as current.


  • Full Search Functionality
  • Album Actions
    • Get Media
    • Get Sub Albums
    • Upload FileReference
    • Move and Rename Files
  • Media
    • Edit Titles and Descriptions
    • Move
    • Delete
    • Get Meta Data
    • Get Tags
  • User
    • Get user's recent media
    • Get a user's contacts
    • Get a user's album
  • Search Images, Video, Users

Update 10/7/08: Request Prioritization, is Running, Max Concurrent Requests Configurable, MediaEvent and MediasEvent classes, Lots of Bug Fixes

If you are interested in contributing code, flushing out documentation, or fixing bugs please feel free to send an email to element7791 (at) gmail (dot) com. If there is an unimplemented feature of the Photobucket API you need help implementing submit it as an issue and we will try and get it in to a future release.