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This library, though developed by Photobucket developers, is not supported by Photobucket, and is distributed with The MIT License, provided as-is for you to use.


  • Implements the request format as shown in the examples. This is 'fluent' syntax and provides a very readable structure.
  • Supports multiple request methods: curl, fopen wrappers and fsockopen, with an extensible model to add new strategies in the future. Curl and fopen wrappers are not supported on every host, so I thought I would provide a few different alternatives. Those users behind proxies may want to create a derivative of one of the strategies provided to request through the proxy. Alternately, a new request strategy using the PEAR HTTP_Request could be built.
  • Supports multiple response formats and parses them to local PHP data structures. Most of the time one would use just the PHP array serialization format, but in the event you really want to use one of the other methods, for whatever reason, those methods are available.
  • Exceptions thrown by the server are turned into Exceptions in the library through the response parsers.
  • Packaged as PEAR packages, but you can extract the .tgz files or check out the code and use without PEAR.

This library is coupled with the OAuth library also hosted on this site, which implements a relatively strict version of the OAuth spec. Both packages should be used.

PEAR packages will be built from the code in the branches (with corresponding version numbers), if there are changes. For example, PBAPI-0.1 is built from the branches/release-0.1 branch. Trunk code is potentially unstable, but usage of this line could provide valuable feedback.