php-src / TODO-LeftOver

This is the ChangeLog from PHP3 as of Apr 12 1999. 

Entries should be removed from this file, if you transfer changes
over to PHP4.


?? 1999, Version 3.0.8
- added Oracle-OCI8 persistent connections
- fixed OCIDefineByName crash.
- fixed some NULL-column related problems in OCI8-module.
- Some Informix driver improvements.
- PUT method support (
- Fix parameter count problem in odbc_setoption()
- Really fix implode() this time.  The fix in 3.0.7 was bogus
- Make fgetss() slightly smarter
- Add strip_tags() which uses the fgetss state-machine but acts on a string

March 1 1999, Version 3.0.7
- Added pdf_put_image and pdf_execute_image
- Initial work on an ImageMagick module - doesn't do anything yet
- Make configure script detect Netscape's LDAP SDK automagically
- Fixed Oracle-OCI8 module for windows.
- Add OCIRowCount function. (Number of affected rows for update-statements)
- Add OCIDefineByName function.
- Change the behaviour of open_basedir. It's now possible to supply more
  than one directory. open_basedir paths from parent directories are now
  automatically inherited.
- fix rand() and mt_rand() to make the ranges work correctly
- htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities() are now binary safe.
- Add extract() function.
- Oracle-OCI8 driver now supports BLOBS/CLOBS and IN/OUT binding of local php
- Clean up apxs build
- Add INSTALL.REDHAT file to walk RedHat users through the install
- Add function_exists() function.
- Add another version of WDDX module
  (we need to pick a single implementation here)
- Fixed includes for iODBC to support both the old and the new LGPL version
- Fix implode() bug - When imploding an array that contained unset() elements
  it wasn't correctly skipping past these
- Add connection_status() function.  This returns the raw bitfield which
  indicates whether the script terminated due to a user abort, a timeout
  or normally.  Note that if ignore_user_abort is enabled, then both the
  timeout state and the user abort state can be active
- Add connection_timeout() function.  This one can be called in a shutdown
  function to tell you if you got there because of a timeout
- Add ignore_user_abort() function and .ini/.conf directive of same name
- Fix connection abort detection code - It should now work reliably with
  Apache.  Also added a user-level connection_aborted() function designed to
  let people check whether the user aborted the connection in a user-level
  shutdown function.
- Add pfsockopen() function
- Improvements in FreeType support: Macintosh fonts work, and non-antialiased
  output is considerably cleaner  <>
- Fixed checkdate() function, range of valid years is now 0 to 32767
- hw_insertdocument() returns object id now
- Add pdf_open() warning in configure and documentation
- Add diskfreespace() function
- Added aspell support
- Iptcparse would sometimes find a wrong tag.
- Force var_dump() to output headers
- Add optional 3th parameter to ora_fetchinto.
- Serialize and var_dump no longer show array elements that
  have been unset.
- Add IptcEmbed() function (can replace an APP13-Marker in a JPEG file)
- Add OCI8 module for Windows
- Fix bug in pdf_close() function
- Add WDDX support (see for more info)
- Add similar_text() function
- Introduce simple regex compilation cache