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QNX4 Installation Notes

NOTE: General installation instructions are in the INSTALL file 

1. To compile and test PHP3 you have to grab, compile and install:
	- GNU dbm library or another db library;
	- GNU bison (1.25 or later; 1.25 tested);
	- GNU flex (any version supporting -o and -P options; 2.5.4 tested);
	- GNU diffutils (any version supporting -w option; 2.7 tested);

2. To use CVS version you may need also:
	- GNU CVS (1.9 tested);
	- GNU autoconf (2.12 tested);
	- GNU m4 (1.3 or later preferable; 1.4 tested);

3. To run configure define -lunix in command line:
	LDFLAGS=-lunix ./configure

4. To use Sybase SQL Anywhere define ODBC_QNX and CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS in
	command line and run configure with --with-custom-odbc:
	CFLAGS=-DODBC_QNX LDFLAGS=-lunix CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS="-ldblib -lodbc" ./configure --with-custom-odbc=/usr/lib/sqlany50
   If you have SQL Anywhere version 5.5.00, then you have to add 
   to workaround its SQLFreeEnv() bug. Other versions has not been tested,
   so try without this flag first.

5. To build the Apache module, you may have to hardcode an include path for 
   alloc.h in your Apache base directory:
	- APACHE_DIRECTORY/src/httpd.h: 
		change	#include "alloc.h"
		to 		#include "APACHE_DIRECTORY/src/alloc.h"
   Unless you want to use system regex library, you have to hardcode also
   a path to regex.h:
	- APACHE_DIRECTORY/src/conf.h:  
		change  #include <regex.h>
		to		#include "APACHE_DIRECTORY/src/regex/regex.h"
   I don't know so far why this required for QNX, may be it is Watcom 
   compiler problem.

  If you building Apache module with SQL Anywhere support, you'll get
  symbol conflict with BOOL. It is defined in Apache (httpd.h) and in 
  SQL Anywhere (odbc.h). This has nothing to do with PHP, so you have to 
  fix it yourself someway.

6. With above precautions, it should compile as is and pass regression
	tests completely:
		make check
		make install

	Don't bother me unless you really sure you made	that all but it 
	still doesn't work.

June 28, 1998
Igor Kovalenko -- owl@infomarket.ru