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PHP                                                                        NEWS
?? ??? 20??, PHP 6.0
- Unicode support. (Andrei, Dmitry, et al)

- Changed "allow_url_fopen" and "allow_url_include" php.ini directives to allow
  per-wrapper enable/disable and runtime tightening. (Sara)
- Changed --with-config-file-scan-dir / PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR to allow multiple
  paths. (Mikko)

- Removed undocumented and incomplete support for strings in list() operator.
- Removed old legacy:
  . "register_globals" support. (Pierre)
  . "register_long_arrays" ini option. (Dmitry)
  . "safe_mode" support. (Ilia, Andi)
  . "allow_call_time_pass_reference", added E_STRICT error message. (Dmitry)
  . session_register(), session_unregister() and session_is_registered()
    (needed only with "register_globals=On").
  . "magic_quotes_gpc", "magic_quotes_runtime" and "magic_quotes_sybase" ini
    options. (Pierre)
  . Changed get_magic_quotes_gpc(), get_magic_quotes_runtime to always return
    false and set_magic_quotes_runtime() to raise an E_CORE_ERROR.
  . "define_syslog_variables" ini option and define_syslog_variables() 
- Removed support for "continue" and "break" operators with non-constant
  operands. (Dmitry)
- Removed Freetype 1.x and GD 1.x support from GD extension. (Pierre)

- Improved ext/zlib: re-implemented non-file related functionality. (Mike)
- Improved output layer. See README.NEW-OUTPUT-API for internals. (Mike)
- Improved ext/mhash: (Mike)
  . Added keygen constants.
  . Added new functions: mhash_keygen_count, mhash_get_keygen_name,
    mhash_keygen_uses_hash, mhash_keygen_uses_salt, mhash_get_keygen_salt_size,
- Improved ext/dba:
  . Added support for Tokyo Cabinet. (Michael)

- Added DTrace support. (David Soria Parra)
- Added runtime JIT auto-globals fetching and caching. (Dmitry, Sara)
- Added E_STRICT to E_ALL. (Dmitry)
- Added "context" and "binary_pipes" params in "other_options" for proc_open().
- Added stream_resolve_include_path() function which checks which file fopen()
  with a relative path will open. (Sara)

- Fixed bug #46647 (SplFileObject::fgetcsv segfaults). (Etienne)
- Fixed bug #40325 (Vary: header missing in gzip output handlers). (Mike)
- Fixed bug #48774 (SIGSEGVs when using curl_copy_handle()). (Sriram Natarajan)