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php-src / TODO-4.2.txt

* Change the odbc_fetch_into() function to require ALWAYS the first two
  parameters ($conn_id and $array), and make the third (row) be optional.

* Remove --with-openlink configure option (--with-iodbc replaces it).

* Always build CGI (--disable-cgi option to disable).

* Move most extensions and PEAR packages out of the PHP CVS tree,
  include them again during release packaging.

* Renaming functions, so that they all are conform to one standard form.

* Allow foreach($array as $key => &$value).

* Allow foreach($array as list($var1, $var2)).

* Clean up "$instance = &new object" syntax (default to the =& behaviour?).

* Allow to set a default value for call-by-reference-parameters. eg:
  function hallo (&$pallo = NULL) {}

* Change PHP error messages, so that they point to pages or sections in the
  PHP Manual.

* Fix Zend shallow copy issues with objects and arrays.

* Make all extensions thread-safe.

* Finish PHP streams abstraction, nuke all that issock stuff, implement SSL
  socket support. (wez)
  - ext/ftp/ -> all FILEs to streams
  - ext/bz2/ -> convert to stream impl.

* Using arg_separator.input to implode args in the CGI sapi extension
  and arg_separator.input to explode in php_build_argv().