php-src / buildconf

# $Id$


if test "$supplied_flag" = "--copy"; then

## does not check aclocal exit status yet
#mv aclocal.m4 aclocal.m4.old 2>/dev/null
#if test "$?" != "0" -a "$am_prefix" != "$lt_prefix"; then
#    echo "buildconf: ERROR: aclocal failed, probably because automake and"
#    echo "           libtool are installed with different prefixes;"
#    echo "           automake is installed in $am_prefix, but libtool in $lt_prefix."
#    echo "           Please re-install automake and/or libtool with a common prefix"
#    echo "           and try again."
#    exit 1

if test "$supplied_flag" = "--local"; then

rm -f generated_lists

case "`uname`" in

${MAKE:-make} -s -f build/ AMFLAGS="$automake_flags"
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