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The free, open source and reliable registration system.
(C) The phpRegister Team


Welcome to phpRegister, an alternative to the poor quality school registration systems.

What is here?

  • This is the main source code and also has a release folder, where you get the releases
  • Version unNamed lol

How is it organised?

Frontend and backend are split for reasons. Should be kept on separate servers however some idiot probably will install them on the same server and mess things up. Data that is uploaded will be stored separated from the data about students etc. Most data and config will be stored in JSON (see below), however a MySQL Database is also used to keep things ticking over nicely.

Why not XML?

Eh, I prefer JSON personally. XML is a bit more of a faff. Also, I know JSON and I find it easier to read in comparason to XML and PHP has a built in parser for JSON so I used it. Also, I don't wanna get XML and HTML confused in this project, it is web browser based so. JSON Tutorial

Why PHP Register?

Well, I am glad you asked. Here is a comparason between SIMS, PARS and phpRegister.

phpRegister SIMS PARS
Speed As fast as php can be - web based interface removes need for slow and difficult to use program Slow to load and traverse Slow to load Connect and Browser, slow to access database
Usability Works on any device that can access HTML5 webpages. Built upon Bootstrap for optimum cross-device compatability Dependant on M$ OS Dependant on either an M$ OS or poorly designed UI
Cost FREE! Open Source! £200 + £2.86 a student SIMS Cost + Extra cost
Technology Works on any web server and OS (PHP, MySQL and JavaScript based). Uses MariaDB. Requires an M$ based server and M$\Oracle database. Requires an M$ based server and M$\Oracle database
Support Wiki, Community + when developers can! For a fee For a fee

Sounds Great! Is it ready?

Unfotunealty no. I've not got a fully funcitonal system. When it is, I'll let you know.

How do I get set up?



Get in touch! There are two ways. Either drop Zach an E-Mail, use his contact page or tweet him at @ZachIsCheese.

When committing...

Please mark up your commits with the correct emoji where possible. Emoji Reference

Who do I talk to?