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When i click a table name, i get nice results with checkbox (to edit/del few or all)
and single edit/del.

when i search (Tab: SEARCH), my results are without checkbox, only single edit/del

and when i use sql statment (Tab: SQL), there are none of these options. i only can
see my results but cant edit/del

Any reason for this or we still didnt add these options?

Reported by teryaki1963 on 2013-05-17 12:06:31

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  1. Christopher Kramer
    When you do an SQL statement, there is a reason why you don't have edit/delete buttons:
    What you see might not be a real table, it might be joined across multiple tables,
    aggregated, grouped data or stuff like this. It is impossible to edit such data.
    Example query: SELECT AVG(e.salary) sal, d.department FROM employee e, department d
    WHERE d.department = e.department GROUP BY e.department
    You have 2 source tables in here, grouped data and aggregation on these groups. What
    should happen to the source data if you edit the AVG column?
    That said, for the search tab this argument does not really hold. There, you always
    see data from only one table and there is no grouping or aggregation done, only filtering.
    Having checkboxes there should be possible.
    If we do this, we should have a look at the code. I think there is redundant code around

    Reported by crazy4chrissi on 2013-05-17 12:46:14

  2. Christopher Kramer
    For the reasons above, I reject the request to add edit/delete to SQL-tab results.
    Therefore, the remaining issue is to add checkboxes in the search-results to be able
    to delete/edit multiple rows. I accept this request and change the issue title accordingly.

    Reported by crazy4chrissi on 2013-05-17 12:50:51 - Status changed: Accepted

  3. Former user Account Deleted
    Yep, you right, thx for the statement example
    Adding checkbox for search results is enough.

    Reported by teryaki1963 on 2013-05-17 13:06:44

  4. Christopher Kramer
    I guess you posted the gmail icon by mistake? :D

    Reported by crazy4chrissi on 2013-10-23 14:17:12

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