Add new column after some other (not at the end)

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Christopher Kramer created an issue

Originally reported on Google Code with ID 247

Implement a workaround for ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN AFTER.

This is more or less an extension to our ALTER TABLE workaround, which are mostly issue

Reported by crazy4chrissi on 2014-04-09 14:46:12

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  1. Former user Account Deleted
    In reaction to Chris' note here!topic/phpliteadmin/029UzDxGMyQ
    I would suggest something using current features: i.e:
    myTable (columns A,B,C,D), add column X after B:
    1: add column X
    2: add columns _C,_D
    3: copy contents: C->_C, D->_D
    4: delete columns C,D
    5: rename columns: _C->C, _D->D
    Would it be easier?

    Reported by on 2014-04-13 00:02:16

  2. Christopher Kramer reporter
    Good idea. But as we already have the mechanism to edit columns and add columns at the
    end, adding one in the middle is more or less simply a mixture of both from a technical
    point of view so it should not be too difficult to implement.

    Reported by crazy4chrissi on 2014-04-13 20:45:01

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