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Sascha Vogelgesang created an issue

Is there a way to use the Database class in own appliactions in order to have a main framework for working with SQLite Database files without having to worry about php or SQLite versions? Similar to jQuery for js ...

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  1. Christopher Kramer

    You could use the Database class in your own applications, yes. It might be useful if you want to support PDO, Sqlite3 and SqliteDatabase (version 2) in your application and don't write any wrapper code yourself. It might also be very useful if you require some of the ALTER TABLE workarounds that the Database class provides. But the interface of the Database class might change in future versions of phpliteadmin and normally we don't provide backwards compatibility.

    Do you have any specific project in mind where you would like to use the class?

    It might be an interesting idea to provide the class separately as its own project (+with its own documentation) and use it as a submodule or subtree merge in phpliteadmin.

  2. Sascha Vogelgesang reporter

    My specific project is making printable, configurable movie list from my plex server. Plex uses SQLite3 DB-File to store all information. I solved the problem with the PHP SQLite3 Extension, but this is very limitted and I would rather use the class from phpliteadmin, which has a lot more functions and performance. Programming my solution I found it very annoying handling SQLite files in general, because of the known version problems, where phpliteadmin seems to have no problem handling the files. So a separate project concentrating on the Database class with documentation would be highly appreciated and of great use. Presently there are some projects I found in the web like this, but rather bad documentated and all with certain limitations and not workinng properly under all conditions.

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