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Since I upgraded to (and I believe in the immediately prior release 1.9.6), when I click on Browse, no records are shown at all. When I copy and paste the SQL displayed on Browse, the usual records are returned fine.

This functionality worked fine in 1.9.5.

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  1. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    Is your SQLite DB version 2 or 3? Please check the database structure tab for:

    SQLite version: 3.x / 2.x ?

    SQLite extension [?]: SQliteDatabase / SQlite3 / PDO

    Can you upload your db-file?

  2. Brad Garrison

    I have: SQLite version: 3.3.6 SQLite extension [?]: PDO PHP version: 5.1.6 phpLiteAdmin version:

    I can send you my database privately if that would help.

  3. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    Hey. Thanks for your reply. Well, I guess the problem is the old php version here. The minimum php version supported by PLA currently is PHP 5.2.4. Since 1.9.6, we require PHP 5.2.0. Since 1.9.7, we require PHP 5.2.4

    PHP 5.1 is really old now. If you cannot update your php, then you need to continue using PLA 1.9.5. But note that both PHP 5.1 and PLA 1.9.5 have known security issues.

    The commit that introduces this problem is most likely dbb1af5da0cb9b495c1d4bc33f77333c9eac5001. If you really want to run PLA with PHP 5.1, then search the web for json_encode() and json_decode() workarounds for PHP 5.1 and insert these workaround functions into PLA.

    Still, I highly recommend to upgrade your php....

  4. Brad Garrison

    Great thank you so much for the diagnosis (I should have noticed the version required myself).

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