How to create theme in subdirectory

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Installed phpliteadmin in a subdir. How do you install a theme?

Putting CSS in there does not reference the correct path.

The documentation is quite poor on this.

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  1. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    How exactly does your folder structure look like? Having phpliteadmin in a subdir should not make a difference if you place the phpliteadmin.css in the same subdir. This is how PLA searches for the theme:

    • First. you can configure the theme name in the config using $theme. E.g. set $theme='mytheme.css';
    • It then first searches for themes/$theme, in the example themes/mytheme.css
    • if that does not exist, it searches for $theme in the same directory where PLA is stored, e.g. search for mytheme.css there
    • you can also give subdirs of themes or the current folder like this: $theme='bla/ver1/theme.css'; would search for themes/bla/ver1/theme.css and bla/ver1/theme.css

    Is your problem solved?

  2. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    I just updated the themes wiki page with the notes given above. Therefore, I consider this issue solved.

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