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I can't seem to do any writing operation on the database and the error message doesn't say anything explicit :

This may be a bug that needs to be reported at

There's probably a permission issue but the database should be available since it works using sqlite3 with the www-data user.

SQLite version: SQLite extension [?]: PDO PHP version: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1 phpLiteAdmin version:

Thank you for your help

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  1. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    On the left where you can choose the database, does it say [r] or [rw] next to the database name?

  2. Vincent A

    It says [r] When I set the file permission mask to 777 it works. It seems www-data is not the user accessing it. Is it a user specific to PHP ?

    Edit : i reloaded apache and removed a directory instruction specific to the repertory the files were in, and it works (rw).

  3. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    The user that php runs under depends on how you run php. If you run php using the Apache module mod_php5, it will use the same user as apache, usually www-data. If you run php using PHP-FPM, you can define the user that php runs under for each pool, similar for PHP-FCGID I think.

    So I guess your issue is solved? Maybe we should add better error messages here, though.

  4. sdsd

    Hi. Mine is already rw yet phpliteadmin won't let me create a new table. I'm using a csv file as database, which I've taken from cs50 week 9 lesson. Please help me out. Thanks.

  5. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    what does "won't let me create a new table" mean? what exactly do you try and what exactly happens? Any error message?

  6. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    Insufficient file permissions of the database file is not a bug of phpLiteAdmin. The second poster (sdsd) did not reply anymore. So this issue is closed.

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