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I have a simple database with two tables. Rows contains none ASCII characters. When I want to edit a row I get error message: ERROR: unknown error

I have running Nginx server and php version 7, php-fpm on my Gentoo Linux system.

What can cause this error?

-- Best, Pali

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  1. Pal Csanyi

    This is reported by me. I must correct the version of phpliteadmin. It is phpLiteAdmin v1.9.7.1 actually.

  2. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    What exactly are you trying to edit? I have tried this:

    • opened your db in
    • opened "classes" table
    • clicked "edit" in the row for class 6a
    • changed "headteacher" to "Radojčić Marijana2"
    • clicked "save changes"
    • got this: 1 row(s) affected.

    UPDATE "classes" SET "class_name"='6a', "grade"='6', "headteacher"='Radojčić Marijana2' WHERE "rowid" = 11

    So it works as expected for me. Does this work for you? Please give a concrete example that fails.

  3. Pal Csanyi

    After I changed rights on diretory in which the database is, I can edit any row in any table in database. Thanks!

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