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 from academic.utils import *
 from academic.organizations.models import *
+from filebrowser.settings import ADMIN_THUMBNAIL
 class Rank(models.Model):
     The academic rank (e.g., udergraduate student, graduate student,
     picture_url = property(_get_picture_url)
     def photo(self):
-        if self.has_picture:
-            return '<img src="%s" alt="%s">' % (
-                self.picture.url_thumbnail,
-                self.name)
+        if self.picture and self.picture.filetype == "Image":
+            return '<img src="%s" />' % \
+                self.picture.version_generate(ADMIN_THUMBNAIL).url
         return _('(no photo)')
     photo.allow_tags = True
-    def _has_picture(self):
-        return not isinstance(self.picture.filesize, str) \
-            and self.picture.filesize > 0 \
-            and self.picture.filetype_checked == 'Image'
-    has_picture = property(_has_picture)
+    photo.short_description = _('Thumbnail')
     def __unicode__(self):
         return u'%s' % self.name
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