This module will save the rendered page as an html file. Then when the page is requested again it will be served from the cache rather than the database. This should greatly improve your page speed.

The following pages are saved into the cache: advanced_search_result, index, product_info, product_free_shipping, product_reviews, products_reviews_info, products_all, products_new, specials.

The cache files are only generated when a user is not logged in or has an empty shopping cart.


  1. Open the folder new-zencart-files and upload its contents into your root folder of your zencart installation.
  2. The file /includes/application_bottom.php needs one line of code added. You can either upload the folder inside core_zencart_files or add the following line at the bottom of the file:


  3. You are done. Nothing to configure or setup.

Now make sure you are logged out of your site, and view a page. Refresh the page. If you view the source of the page, you will notice the output is minified, and served from the cache.


The module uses a default time of 360 seconds for its cache length.