This module will help the relevancy of the products returned from search results. The stock search runs a LIKE query for each word in the query. No regard to the relevancy of the word for the product associated with it. The module will create a configuration group in your admin panel for setting the weights for the product columns that are search. The module uses a natural language search function in MySQL which will more accurate results for multi keyword search phrases. It will also try to pluralize words to expand the search.

An additional feature, is when only one product is returned in the search results, the product is displayed rather than the search result page.


It is worth noting that the MySQL default minimum characters for a FULLTEXT search is 4. If you have keywords that you would like to appear that are below 4 characters, you will need access to the MySQL configuration. Typically, this is not accessible from a shared hosting account. A FULLTEXT search will not return rows where the keyword is found in more than 50% of the rows. It will also automatically exclude words in the stopwords list shown in the documentation linked below.

For more information about FULLTEXT search refer to the MySQL documentation:


  1. Download and unzip package files
  2. Rename "RENAME-admin-folder" to match the name of your admin folder
  3. Upload files to server
  4. Login to your admin home page
  5. Click link in message appearing at top of page to install Reloaded Search
  6. Donate to this cool addon

If you would like to try change the search weight factors, the options can be changed under Admin->Configuration->Reloaded Search.



Enable search_in_description flag requested by numinix


Update for version 1.5.x install
Fix admin menu auto install missing gID - anonymous


Update fixes from partial word matches requested by numinix


Update for zencart 1.5
Update installation routine to use custom messageStack loader


Initial release for zencart 1.3.8g