------------------ Installation Notes ------------------ 1. Merge the orginal files or copy them over. The original files are from Zencart v1.5. /admin/coupon_admin.php /includes/modules/pages/account_edit.php 2. Rename the CUSTOM folders in zip file at two locations to match the name of your template /includes/templates/CUSTOM /includes/modules/CUSTOM 3. Uploaded included files to your zencart folder. 4. Login into your admin page. While viewing the admin dashboard a button will be displayed to add the sql queries. Click the **[Install]** button. 5. Setup a cron job for the file cron_twitter_coupons.php See for more information --------- Uninstall --------- Why are you wanting to do this? If you must, then navigate to admin home and copy this: ?remove_twitter_coupons=yes and paste onto the end of the url so it will look like: The page will refresh, and the install button will be shown at the top. This means that it has successfully been uninstalled. Now delete the file: /ADMIN/includes/functions/extra_functions/reloaded_twitter_coupons.php --------------- Version History --------------- v1.1 ==== Update installation routine to use custom messageStack loader V1.0 ==== Rename custom template folder names v.9 === Initial public release of addon ------- Credits ------- Author: Joe McFrederick <> Credit goes to Dianne Dawson (@zencartretailer) on Twitter for the idea. Be sure to follow her or visit her blog at