Installation Notes

  1. Merge the orginal files or copy them over. The original files are from Zencart v1.5.

  2. Rename the CUSTOM folders in zip file at two locations to match the name of your template

  3. Uploaded included files to your zencart folder.

  4. Login into your admin page. While viewing the admin dashboard a button will be displayed to add the sql queries. Click the [Install] button.
  5. Setup a cron job for the file cron_twitter_coupons.php See for more information


Why are you wanting to do this? If you must, then navigate to admin home and copy this: ?remove_twitter_coupons=yes and paste onto the end of the url so it will look like:

The page will refresh, and the install button will be shown at the top. This means that it has successfully been uninstalled. Now delete the file:


Version History


Update installation routine to use custom messageStack loader


Rename custom template folder names


Initial public release of addon


Author: Joe McFrederick Credit goes to Dianne Dawson (@zencartretailer) on Twitter for the idea. Be sure to follow her or visit her blog at