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    This is the freeglut package.

    Freeglut, the Free openGL Utility Toolkit, is meant to be a free alter-
    native to Mark Kilgard's GLUT library. It is distributed under an X-Consor-
    tium style license (see COPYING for details), to offer you a chance to use 
    and/or modify the source.

    It makes use of OpenGL, GLU, and pthreads-win32 libraries. The library does
    not make use of any GLUT code and is not 100% compatible. Code recompilation
    and/or slight modifications might be required for your applications to work
    with freeglut.


    Both X11 and Win32 ports are in an advanced alpha stage, which means that
    they provide limited functionality of GLUT API 3. There is an investigation
    en course to check if the BeOS port could be easily done using the current
    freeglut structure.


    Use the following commands to build from scratch on a *nix X11 platform:


    The first command is only needed after a fresh checkout, a source distribution
    already contains all necessary files for the last two steps.


    Bug and missing features patches are certainly welcome. Just as comments 
    and FREEGLUT API 1 propositions are.

    Just please to make the fixes look visually just as the rest of the code 
    does (tabs converted 4 white spaces). Comments are really welcome, as I 
    believe it would be nice for people fresh new to OpenGL see how the things
    are done... 


    Freeglut project has moved to the SourceForge:


    Hope you find my work somehow useful.
    Pawel W. Olszta, <>


    In late December 2000, Pawel decided that he no longer
    wished to maintain freeglut because he has moved out of
    the graphics field.  I volunteered to take over from him
    and have been running the project since Jan 13th 2001.

    I'm also the author and maintainer of the PLIB library suite
    and 'freeglut' really fits in well with that work.

    I just hope I can live up to Pawel's high standards. Pawel
    remains on the active developers list.

    Steve Baker <>

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