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There is a Phillips Hue support but I think that most of people would rather buy something cheaper like MiLight. It would be nice if there was a support for it in Pidome. The smartbulbs are sold with WiFi controller that in turn can be controlled with an Android device so I reckon it wouldn't be that difficult to access it on Pi.

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  1. John Sirach

    That certainly ainý a bad idea, and as long as the plugin API is not present i will try to add this ASAP.

    Would you mind in helping testing this with us when availability is present?

    There is some stuff to do in the server regarding to light color control (API has been updated but is not in use yet), and some other stuff, when that is done i will start to look at this if any test help can be provided because we do not have these fixtures of our own.

    If i'm correct this would be a nice API start page:

  2. Ariel Podżorski

    Thanks for prompt reply. The API is correct but there's a lot of negative comments on Google Play Store, some about problems with linking the bulbs with the app - might be worth considering. To be honest I haven't ordered the bulbs yet because I wasn't sure if I would be able to use them on RPi but in this case I'm sure I'll buy those. The delivery takes about 2 or 3 weeks so there's no rush, take your time ;-) As soon as I get them, I'm willing to help in testing for sure.

  3. John Sirach

    Hi, this could probably due to some broadcast inconsistencies within android, personally had some trouble with it with catching the server's broadcasts in the pidome android app.

    I have seen those lights work with udp broadcasts and yeah... udp is just not guaranteed to arrive to it's destination. I will start with it asap and it is very welcome you are willing to help with this integration/plugin to be developped.

  4. Ariel Podżorski

    Unfortunately, under current circumstances, I will not be able to test the bulbs. I will be able to begin testing in December/January. Maybe someone else would like to participate instead.

  5. John Sirach

    That won't be a problem, and gives me some space to work on other items, i will put this request on hold, if you agree, and can be brought back about a week before it is possible to run first tests.

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