Lea 3 Tutorial 1 isn't rendering properly

Issue #41 closed
Paul Moore
created an issue

The first tutorial for Lea3 is showing as raw markup in the web view.

Also, is there a pre-rendered version of the docs available anywhere for offline viewing?

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  1. Pierre Denis repo owner

    Hi Paul,

    Ooops! Thank you for pointing out! This is now fixed. I noticed that bitbucket site sometimes fails to render long wiki page, without clear reason. Here, I've just re-save the very same markdown to fix the issue. Strange... Anyway, I'll pay more attention next time.

    I've no pre-rendered version of the tutorial. If you think it would be interesting, let me know but I have no experience yet on how to render markdown content offline. BTW, I can easily provide the 3 wiki .md files (not rendered) , should it help.

  2. Paul Moore reporter

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I did some investigating, there's a "Clone Wiki" button that lets me get a local copy of the wiki data, and from that I can render the sources myself (I used Pandoc, which seems to do an adequate job, it's likely possible to improve the results but what I get is good enough for occasional use).

    BTW, at a first glance, I love the improvements in Lea 3 :-)

  3. Pierre Denis repo owner

    I didn't noticed this "Clone Wiki" button. This could surely help me. Thanks for the hint!

    Glad to here that Lea 3 pleases you, Paul! Your contributions on Lea 2 are still present and highly valuable in Lea 3.

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