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Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard
(A throw of the dice will never abolish chance)

Stéphane Mallarmé

I warmly thank...

  • Guido van Rossum and Python community. Python is such an amazing programming language!

  • Gilles Scouvart, who provided insights on the design of Lea classes and who brought seminal ideas on conditional probabilities

  • Nicky van Foreest, who gave precious feedbacks to improve the package, including an outstanding algorithm to speed up min / max functions; I express my gratitude to Nicky, who has been an early adopter and advocate of Lea

  • Dr. Zhibo Xiao who brought highly challenging problems on Bayesian networks and machine learning; Zhibo really pushed Lea to its limits and helped to improve its performances; I warmly thank Zhibo also for the encouragement he gave to the project.

  • Paul Moore for his numerous contributions on the project and his experience of Python: ideas, bug fixing, improved packaging and test suite set-up; I warmly thank Paul for this invaluable work.

  • Noah Goodman, Chris Strelioff, Lilian Besson, Baptiste Jonglez, Moritz Beber, Laurent Bouaziz, Pelle Nilsson and my friends, Frederic Buelens, Grégoire Vandenschrick for the positive feedbacks they provide.

  • Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig for their great book "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach", which contains inspiring chapters on probabilities, for having given me their permissions to use the examples of their book.

  • n-Side (my previous company) for having given me the opportunity to present the Lea module at the traditional "Thursday's Lunch".

  • Google for Google Code, which nicely hosted the first versions of Lea project.

  • Atlassian for Bitbucket, which nicely hosts Lea project

  • my old fellow Gino D'Acquisto, who made English proofing on some parts of the documentation and supported me for my FOSDEM'15 talks

  • my dear uncle, Guy Lalonde, for his unconditional support, including a travel to Dublin for PyCon2015

  • and my dear children, Corentin and Lauréline, who gave all their support, without knowing too much what discrete probability is about!


I dedicate this work to my aunt, Dr. Janine Kint (1922-1986), who transmitted me her passion to Mathematics and who lent me her book about probabilities some 30 years ago.

Pierre Denis

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