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Dinner Time - Alpha

What is dinner time?

We connect people who want to eat together and help them share food. If you would like to see a running version of this code then please head along to http://tablesurf.in


To bootstrap the project:

virtualenv dinnertime
source dinnertime/bin/activate
cd path/to/dinnertime/repository
pip install -r requirements.pip
pip install -e .
cp dinnertime/settings/local.py.example dinnertime/settings/local.py
manage.py syncdb --migrate
manage.py yummly_meta

News and Updates

Please head along to http://facebook.com/tablesurfin/ or check out http://tablesurf.in/blog/


Please report any problems you find in the issues section above, if you have code to contribute then even better!


We use Trello to keep track of tasks and progress, please go to https://trello.com/b/Wg1aqEvN to see what we are currently working on.


You can run the tests with the following command:

python manage.py test

We also use a Jenkins test server, please go to


Developer documentation is available in Sphinx format in the docs directory. It is also available online at https://tablesurfin.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

Initial installation instructions (including how to build the documentation as HTML) can be found in docs/install.rst.