Nick Piepmeier  committed 44d0682

Updating hgrc to page things; turned on go mode in .emacs; small changes to vimrc.

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 ;;(evil-mode 1)
 (setq x-select-enable-clipboard)
+;; turn on go-mode
+(add-to-list 'load-path "~/go/misc/emacs" t)
+(require 'go-mode-load)
+pager =
+pager = less
+quiet = True
+attend = diff,help,log,qdiff,blame,annotate,pdiff,glog
 # GPG extension settings

File vim/personal.vimrc

 noremap <C-S-j> <C-w>k<C-w>_
 noremap <C-S-h> <C-w>l<C-w>\|
-map <M-b> :buffers<CR>:b 
+" map <M-b> :buffers<CR>:b 
+map <M-b> :FufBuffer<CR>
 map <silent> <M-d> :b 1<CR>:bd #
 " Disabling because I don't use C/C++ and I want to use M-o for :cn.
 " map <silent> <M-o> :FSHere<CR>
-set tags=./tags,tags
+"set tags=./tags,tags
 " For omnicppcomplete
 filetype plugin on