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remove unnecessary urls

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-from django.conf.urls.defaults import *
-# Carousel items
-urlpatterns = patterns('lfs_carousel.views',
-    url(r'^add-item/(?P<content_type_id>\d*)/(?P<object_id>\d*)/$', "add_item", name="lfs_carousel_add_item"),
-    url(r'^update-items/(?P<content_type_id>\d*)/(?P<object_id>\d*)/$', "update_items", name="lfs_carousel_update_items"),
-    url(r'^manage-items/(?P<content_type_id>\d*)/(?P<object_id>\d*)/$', "manage_items", name="lfs_carousel_manage_items"),
-    #url(r'^update-active-items/(?P<product_id>\d*)$', "update_active_items", name="lfs_manage_update_active_images"),
-    url(r'^move-item/(?P<id>\d+)$', "move_item", name="lfc_carousel_move_item"),
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