CherryPy / cherrypy / test /

Robert Brewer 3199e7e 

"""Tests for cherrypy/lib/"""

import unittest
from cherrypy.lib import httputil

class UtilityTests(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_urljoin(self):
        # Test all slash+atom combinations for SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn/", "/pi/"), "/sn/pi/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn/", "/pi"), "/sn/pi")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn/", "/"), "/sn/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn/", ""), "/sn/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn", "/pi/"), "/sn/pi/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn", "/pi"), "/sn/pi")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn", "/"), "/sn/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/sn", ""), "/sn")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/", "/pi/"), "/pi/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/", "/pi"), "/pi")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/", "/"), "/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("/", ""), "/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("", "/pi/"), "/pi/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("", "/pi"), "/pi")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("", "/"), "/")
        self.assertEqual(httputil.urljoin("", ""), "/")

if __name__ == '__main__':
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