Robert Brewer committed 81c92cb

A couple of Python 2.3 fixes

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         if self.do_gc_test:
-    # Tell nose to run this last in each class
-    test_gc.compat_co_firstlineno = float('inf')
+    # Tell nose to run this last in each class.
+    # Prefer sys.maxint for Python 2.3, which didn't have float('inf')
+    test_gc.compat_co_firstlineno = getattr(sys, 'maxint', None) or float('inf')
     def prefix(self):
         return self.script_name.rstrip("/")


         class MultiHeader(Test):
-  [
+            def header_list(self):
+                pass
+            header_list =[
                 (ntob('WWW-Authenticate'), ntob('Negotiate')),
                 (ntob('WWW-Authenticate'), ntob('Basic realm="foo"')),
-                ])
-            def header_list(self):
-                pass
+                ])(header_list)
             def commas(self):
                 cherrypy.response.headers['WWW-Authenticate'] = 'Negotiate,Basic realm="foo"'
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