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Robert Brewer
Fixed e(X)it behavior in tests
Robert Brewer
Bye bye, py2/3.
Robert Brewer
A couple test tweaks.
Joseph Tate
Convert the tests to use nose instead of our own runner. This strips out much coverage and profiling (handled by nose) and lets you focus on writing tests. The biggest changes that have to be done in the tests classes is you have to put the "setup_server" method on the class(es) that need them when running. If you need it for multiple classes, you can use staticmethod() to attach it to multiple classes without using inheritance.
Robert Brewer
Overhaul of config system: 1. New docstring for config module! 2. Put all entries into a config namespace. New deadlock, log, request and response namespaces. 3. Request and response entries now directly modify attributes of cherrypy.request and .response, and consumer code looks up those attributes, not config. This also allows interactive inspection of defaults. 4. Removed 'log_config' config entry. Use engine.on_star…
Robert Brewer
Merged new test suite from branches/ticket-177 into trunk.
Remi Delon
Renamed "unittest" to "test"