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import cherrypy
from cherrypy.test import helper

class WSGI_VirtualHost_Test(helper.CPWebCase):

    def setup_server():
        class ClassOfRoot(object):
            def __init__(self, name):
       = name
            def index(self):
                return "Welcome to the %s website!" %
   = True
        default = cherrypy.Application(None)
        domains = {}
        for year in range(1997, 2008):
            app = cherrypy.Application(ClassOfRoot('Class of %s' % year))
            domains['www.classof%s.example' % year] = app
        cherrypy.tree.graft(cherrypy._cpwsgi.VirtualHost(default, domains))
    setup_server = staticmethod(setup_server)
    def test_welcome(self):
        if not cherrypy.server.using_wsgi:
            return self.skip("skipped (not using WSGI)... ")
        for year in range(1997, 2008):
            self.getPage("/", headers=[('Host', 'www.classof%s.example' % year)])
            self.assertBody("Welcome to the Class of %s website!" % year)