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Tutorial 10 - Advanced sessionFilter usage see tut10_sessionfilter.conf

from cherrypy import cpg

class HitCounter:
    # this is just a primative template function
    def __examplePage(self, poweredBy, count, links, sessionKey):
        yield '<html><head><title>sessionFilter exampe</title><body>\n'
        yield 'This page uses %s based session storage.<br/>\n' % poweredBy
        yield 'You have viewed this page %i times. <br/><br/>\n' % count
        for link in links:
            yield '<a href="/%s">%s</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;\n' % (link, link)

        yield '<br/><br/>The Current SessionKey is: &nbsp;&nbsp;\n'
        yield sessionKey
        yield '\n</body></html>'

    # a list of the pages used in the example so we add pages
    # without changing any code
    samplePages = ['admin', 'index', 'forum']
    def index(self):
        # this function uses the sessionMap which is turned on by defualt
        # it may not be the defualt in future versions
        # Increase the silly hit counter
        count = cpg.sessions.sessionMap.get('count', 0) + 1

        # Store the new value in the session dictionary
        # cpg.sessions.sessionMap is available by default
        cpg.sessions.sessionMap['count'] = count

        # And display a silly hit count message!
        key = cpg.sessions.sessionMap.key
        return self.__examplePage('ram', count, self.samplePages, key) = True

    def admin(self):
        # this function uses the adminSession which is defined in
        # the config file "tut10_sessionFilter.conf", otherwise
        # it mirrors the session function

        adminCount = cpg.sessions.adminSession.get('adminCount', 0) + 1
        cpg.sessions.adminSession['adminCount'] = adminCount
        key = cpg.sessions.adminSession.key
        return self.__examplePage('ram', adminCount, self.samplePages, key) = True
    def forum(self):
        # this function uses the forumSession which is defined in
        # the config file "tut10_sessionFilter.conf", otherwise
        # it mirrors the session function
        forumCount = cpg.sessions.forumSession.get('forumCount', 0) + 1
        cpg.sessions.forumSession['forumCount'] = forumCount
        key = cpg.sessions.forumSession.key
        return self.__examplePage('ram', forumCount, self.samplePages, key)

cpg.root = HitCounter()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    cpg.config.update(file = 'tut10_sessionfilter.conf')