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Apply 414bb2d98b0c from pypy.

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             return "(arg: %s) "%self.arg
         if "\n" in self.buffer:
             if lineno == 0:
-                return self._ps2
+                res = self.ps2
             elif lineno == self.buffer.count("\n"):
-                return self._ps4
+                res = self.ps4
-                return self._ps3
+                res = self.ps3
-            return self._ps1
+            res = self.ps1
+        # Lazily call str() on self.psN, and cache the results using as key
+        # the object on which str() was called.  This ensures that even if the
+        # same object is used e.g. for ps1 and ps2, str() is called only once.
+        if res not in self._pscache:
+            self._pscache[res] = str(res)
+        return self._pscache[res]
     def push_input_trans(self, itrans):
             self.pos = 0
             self.dirty = 1
             self.last_command = None
-            self._ps1, self._ps2, self._ps3, self._ps4 = \
-                           map(str, [self.ps1, self.ps2, self.ps3, self.ps4])
+            self._pscache = {}
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