Michael Hudson-Doyle committed 5f47f9f


Make unicode handling a bit less silly again!

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-This is pyrepl 0.8, a readline-a-like in Python.
+This is pyrepl 0.8.1, a readline-a-like in Python.
 emails, so don't think I'll be irritated by the banality of your
+Summary of 0.8.1:
+ + Fixes 
+   - in the area of unbound keys and unknown commands
+   - in quoted-insert
+   - in unicode support
+ + make Reader and subclasses new-style classes
+   - make the inheritance hierachy look like this
+                     Reader
+                    /      \
+      HistoricalReader   CompletingReader
+                    \      /
+                PythonicReader
+     Turns out I've been wanting new-style classes since before they existed!
+   - needed to slightly change the way keymaps are built
 Summary of 0.8.0:
  + A whole bundle of things.
    - unicode support (although working out what encoding the terminal 


                         c +=, 1)
                             c = unicode(c, self.encoding)
-                        except:
-                            continue
+                        except UnicodeError, e:
+                            if len(e.args) > 4 and \
+                               e.args[4] == 'unexpected end of data':
+                                continue
+                            else:
+                                raise
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