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updates preparing for a release.

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-This is pyrepl 0.8.2, a readline-a-like in Python.
+This is pyrepl 0.8.3, a readline-a-like in Python.
 which will also install the above "pythoni" script.
-Please direct comments to
+Please direct comments to
 (If you've released open source software you'll know how frustrating
 it is to see a couple of hundred downloads and only get a handful of
 emails, so don't think I'll be irritated by the banality of your
+Summary of 0.8.3:
+ + First release from new home on bitbucket.
+ + Various fixes to pyrepl.readline.
+ + Allow pyrepl to run if unicodedata is unimportable.
 Summary of 0.8.2:
  + This is the same version which is distributed with PyPy 1.4, which uses it
     name = "pyrepl",
-    version = "0.8.2",
+    version = "0.8.3",
     author = "Michael Hudson-Doyle",
     author_email = "",
     url = "",