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UseTFS / AddRepository

Add TFS repository configuration

VisualStudio Online (Microsoft Hosted TFS) - please use service credentials

  1. Go to Plugins -> TFS Repositories -> Add
  2. Fill in the form as follows
NameDescriptive name of your repository.
enabledShould UseTFS index changesets and display their
contents on linked issues
Default setting: Disabled
Remember to check enabled checkbox which is not checked by default - otherwise repository wont be indexed.
Base URLBase URL of your TFS repository without trailing slash
(e.g. http://your-tfs-server:8080/tfs )
Team Project CollectionTeam Project Collection
Default setting: DefaultCollection
TFS VersionSelect version of your TFS server
Source control folderYou can narrow the indexing to specific project or folder. Leaving the default $/ will index every changeset on given team project collection
Default setting: $/
Start at changesetSet this if you want to start indexing from specific changeset
Note: it's recommended to start with recent changeset (e.g. 10 changesets back from latest)
Default setting: 1
Scan sizeMaximum number of changesets that will be indexed on a single run
Default setting: 100
Max scanned filesIt's good idea to limit the number of indexed files due to performance reasons specially if you have large changesets (e.g. merge) for hundreds or thousands of files.
UseTFS should still work correctly for those however performance might be affected.
Default setting: -1 (unlimited)
Link typeSelect type of links to changeset related information. Either UseTFS client links or TFS web access
UsernameName of user with proper access rights ('Create Workspace' is mandatory)
Use service account for TFS 2012 on Azure
DomainAD Domain for given user
Leave empty for TFS 2012 on Azure
PasswordPassword for given user
Use service account for TFS 2012 on Azure
Create Jira Issue workitemsEnabling this setting will make the UseTFS plugin to create a work item of 'Jira Issue' type in TFS for each JIRA issue that has associated changesets. Requires additional configuration as described here.
This is not the two way synchronization.
Default setting: Disabled
Project for workitemsWork items of 'Jira Issue' type will be created under given project