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UseTFS / General settings

Follow the link to General settings on TFS repositories configuration page.

Available settings are:

  • Enhance work synchronizer log with transformed field values
    Work synchronizer log will contain information about transformed field values that synchronizer tries to apply on particular issues. This is helpful for initial configuration and debugging. It is recommended to disable this setting on production instances.
  • Show UseTFS client download link on issue tabs
    Show/hide link to UseTFS client setup.exe download on "TFS Changesets" and "TFS file history" issue tabs
  • Maximize frequency of UseTFS service runs
    Overcomes JIRA 1 minute delay between service by using separate threads to make delays as short as possible. There's a 5 second delay if no changes are found in TFS to avoid overloading system with too many requests.
  • Show TFS Changesets issue tab
    Show/hide TFS Changesets issue tab
  • Show TFS file history issue tab
    Show/hide TFS file history issue tab