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UseTFS / New licensing



With UseTFS version 2.5 we've decide to migrate out of Paid-via-Atlassian licensing scheme. This is a breaking change for existing customers as existing marketplace generated licenses will be no longer valid starting from this version. Current customers will be provided (via email) with a new product key that matches their existing license tier and has to be applied after right upgrade.

The main reasons for such decision from our perspective as a vendor are:

  • High marketplace sales fees
  • No possibility to offer discounts
  • No possibility to sell directly to some of countries
  • Plugin license tiers must be tightly coupled with JIRA license
  • Possible misuse of single license key in multiple JIRA instances

Since the work to provide a better solution is quite challenging we've split it into several milestones.

  1. Provide a full solution to purchase new licenses and lower down prices by 20%. Maintenance renewals and upgrades will be handled by Pigsty support team.
  2. Provide a full solution for maintenance renewals and upgrades.
  3. Create new, more flexible license tiers (separated from JIRA user count) including ability to offer discounts.

With version 2.5 first milestone is reached. Other milestones will be implemented over next weeks and wont affect existing customers.

We hope that the change will have only positive impact on both existing and new customers.

Technical aspects

The new licensing system is based on a hardware locked license solution. License activation is bound to the hardware of you JIRA server instance. The algorithm that generates hardware fingerprint uses fuzzy matching. It means that even when you change some minor components of your server (RAM, hard drives, etc.) UseTFS will still see the license as activated. Everything will just work.

Each product key needs to be activated either on-line (if your JIRA server has internet access) or offline (by exchanging activation keys in form of XML files through simple web based UI). The activation number for each product key is limited to single machine. If you need to change the server that hosts JIRA you can simply de-activate product key on old server and activate it on new one.

Another difference is that the trial period is now activated immediately after UseTFS is plugin is installed in JIRA. There's no need to register for trial anywhere - it just works out of the box.

License configuration

UseTFS license administration page is available in your JIRA instance:

Trial license

Just upload UseTFS plugin to JIRA and enjoy free 30 days trial. If you need to extend it feel free to contact with our support

Commercial license

  1. Purchase proper license tier at
  2. You will receive product key via email
  3. Go to UseTFS license administration page
  4. Enter product key and save it
  5. Activate
  • On-line if your JIRA server has outgoing internet connection
  • Offline for manual activation (follow steps that appear after you choose 'Activate offline' option)

If you want to change JIRA server you can use automatically activate trial on new machine for test purposes. Once your setup is complete simply deactivate license on old server and activate on new one.