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Release Notes

Up to date release notes are available at Atlassian Marketplace

Version 2.0.2

30 May 2012

Minor bug fixes. Please re-install UseTFS client if you're upgrading from previous versions.

  • #26: Could not find System.Collections.Generic.List`1 [System.String] in WIQL select
  • #25: Missing setting and problem with TF.exe path
  • #24: NullPointerException thrown when synchronizing attachments

Version 2.0.1

28 May 2012

Main focus is to allow two way synchronization between Jira Issues and TFS Work Items.


  • Added Jira Issue <-> TFS Work Item synchronization
  • Fixed status message on inactive repository (shows reason)
  • Fixed URL for Team Project Collections with whitespaces
  • Fixed Team Project Collection field on edit page to show correct value
  • Removed customer column from check-in policy window
  • Fixed incorrect anchor for buttons in check-in policy window

Known limitations:

  • Only strictly specified set of Jira fields can be synchronized + custom fields. See Fields
  • #18 Not possible to synchronize two attachments with exact same name and size
  • Not possible to "jump over" a step in workflow. Example: if TFS flow is Active -> Resolved -> Closed (not allowing direct Active -> Closed transition) the synchronization will fail if Jira issue is transitioned directly from Open -> Closed.
  • #19 Changes are cumulative between synchronizations (aprox 2 minute periods). Example: (assumint all operations fit within 2 minutes) change the work item status from Active -> Resolved, change from Resolved -> Closed, Closed -> Reopened. The result will be that UseTFS will try to synchronize issue changing state from Active -> Reopened (and most likely will fail).
  • #20 Comments not synchronized
  • #21 Issue/Work Item relationship links and hyperlinks are not synchronized
  • Some bugs registered against version 2.0.1

Important for upgrading users: UseTFS client needs to be manually reinstalled due to bug with incorrect update URL.

Version 1.0.1

08 April 2012

Main focus was to allow automatic updates of both UseTFS client and check-in policy in order to minimize administrative tasks. If UseTFS JIRA plugin is updated then all the clients will get updates automatically within 1 day (check for updates can be forced using context menu). Updater connects to your local JIRA server so there's no chance to get unwanted updates distributed. If you don't decide to upgrade UseTFS JIRA plugin no updates will be distributed to your client workstations.

  • Bundled client software with JIRA plugin
  • Integrated with Atlassian Licensing mechanism
  • Added installer and automatic update mechanism for client software
  • The updates are taken directly from your JIRA server - no outgoing connection is made

Version 1.0-beta1

01 April 2012

Although it's beta release it was tested and currently runs in production environment for single customer for about a month. No stability issues were detected so far. Initial release.

  • Support for TFS 2010 with Team Project Collections
  • Check-in policy to associate changesets with Jira Issues
  • UseTFS client to open Team Foundation Controls directly from JIRA web interface