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Setup Guide


Please read the brief description of Components first to get familliar with UseTFS.

This guide assumes you have the following components already installed and configured on client workstations before installing UseTFS client

Recommended setup

There are several ways to achive same goal - the recomended setup is described below.

  1. Download and install UseTFS plugin for JIRA from Atllasian Marketplace
    Note: Do not configure any repositories yet
  2. Go to http://your-jira-server:8080/secure/admin/ViewUsetfsRepositories.jspa
    From Administration panel Plugins -> TFS Repositories
  3. If you haven't done it yet click on License Details and provide valid license.
  4. Download and install UseTFS client
    Note: close all Visual Studio instances before installation
    The download link is available on both TFS repositories administration page and under 'TFS Changesets' tab on any issue
  5. Launch UseTFS client
  6. Set the Base url to http://your-jira-server:8080 and enter your username and password
  7. In the Workspace folder under the Client tab enter a local folder that is mapped to any project from http://your-tfs-server:8080/tfs
  8. Save settings
  9. It's recommended to close UseTFS app by right click on it's icon icon.png in system tray and launch it again
  10. (Optional) Set up Jira Issue work item type on TFS server
  11. (Optional) Set up TFS check-in policy to provide GUI for associating check-in with Jira Issue
  12. Add repository in UseTFS JIRA plugin
  13. (Optional) Configure General settings
  14. (Optional) It is not recommended to do that but you may change the scheduled job delay
  15. Make sure that all users who should have access to TFS changesets from JIRA issues have View Version Control permission set in JIRA.
  16. (Optional) Roll out UseTFS client
  17. (Optional) Set up Work Synchronizers to synchronize JIRA Issues with TFS Work Items
  18. (Optional) Set up Global Lists synchronization with SynchronizerHelper service
  19. (Optional) To integrate Visual Studio with JIRA in terms of managing JIRA Issues directly from VS you can download and install Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio