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Case1-DPD-(Phase Seperation of Diblock Copolymer)
Case10-All Atom (water)/tip4p
Case2-DPD-(Vesicles Formed by Comb-Like Block Polymer)
Case3-Reaction Model-(Surface-Initiated Polymerization)
Case4-Janus Particle Model-(Double Helix)
Case5-Gay Berne Model-(Liquid Crystal)
Case6-Brownian Dynamics-(Worm-like Micelle)
Case7-MDSCF-(DPPC in Non-lamellar Phases)
Case8-Bottom Up CG-(Polystyrene)
Case9-Rigid Body Method (Self-assembly of Two-Patch Particles)
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The language of these scripts is Python. Thereby you can run them by the command "python script" or "./script". Before runnig them, you have to install the program of GALAMOST and set the path of installed program in the script, such as "sys.path.append('/opt/galamost3/lib')".