HTTPS SSH is application helping handicapped preschool children to learn new words with images sounds and videos.
Not only their meaning but also their representation in sign language.
App can be used on tablets od computers and is fully customizable.

Documentation and help

Documentation on gDrive

Copyright and license

Copyright 2014 FBMI SW team

FBMI SW team members:

Name Email
Vít Listík
Eva Neuhoferová
Petr Pěnka
Milan Poláček
Marek Doksanský
Ondřej Klempíř
Petr Panoška
Vojtěch Havel
Michal Reimer
Domink Fiala
Tomáš Hrůza
Václav Roun
Petr Šmíd

Project is licensed under GNU General Public License

How to install

  • App requires PHP with Phalcon Framwork installed and MySql
  • Mysql example structure is located in DB/pinkCrocodile.sql.gz
  • Edit /backend/public/config.php to match your MySql configuration
  • Edit /frontend/scripts/config.js to match your API url
  • Make dirs frontend/mov,img,sounds writable
  • Enjoy!

How to contribute

Feel free to create pull requests