awstools / setup.cfg

Pior Bastida 2dd88e2 

Pior Bastida 0efabda 
Pior Bastida 2dd88e2 
Pior Bastida bfadcbe 
Pior Bastida 2dd88e2 

Pior Bastida cca3630 
Pior Bastida 2dd88e2 
Pior Bastida f57a1cf 

Pior Bastida 2dd88e2 

Pior Bastida 2af6752 
Pior Bastida 2dd88e2 

Pior Bastida 255c82f 

Pior Bastida 0efabda 
Pior Bastida 6ba3387 

Pior Bastida 0500d14 

name = awstools
version = 0.2.1
summary = High level tools to manage an AWS infrastructure
description-file = README.rst
author = Pior Bastida
author_email =

requires-dist =

classifiers =
    Intended Audience :: System Administrators
    Environment :: Console
    License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License v3 or later (GPLv3+)
    Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux
    Programming Language :: Python
    Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7

packages =
scripts =

where = awstools
match = ^test
nocapture = 1
cover-package = awstools
cover-inclusive = 1
with-xcoverage = 1
with-xunit = 1
cover-erase = 1
verbosity = 3
with-id = 1
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