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add a fabric module. Populate fabric roledefs from AWS API

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+import boto
+import awstools
+    %(Name)s
+    %(aws:cloudformation:stack-name)s
+def populate_roledefs():
+    roledefs = {}
+    config = awstools.read_config()
+    cfg_roletmpl = unicode(config.get("fabric", "roletemplates",
+                           DEFAULTTEMPLATES))
+    roletemplates = [t.strip() for t in cfg_roletmpl.split('\n') if t.strip()]
+    filters = {u'instance-state-name': u'running'}
+    reservations = boto.connect_ec2().get_all_instances(filters=filters)
+    instances = [i for r in reservations for i in r.instances]
+    def add_instance(role, instance):
+        roledefs.setdefault(role,
+                            set()).add(instance.public_dns_name)
+        roledefs.setdefault(u':'.join([role, instance.placement]),
+                            set()).add(instance.public_dns_name)
+    for instance in instances:
+        for templates in roletemplates:
+            try:
+                add_instance(templates % instance.tags, instance)
+            except:
+                pass
+    return dict([(k, list(v)) for k, v in roledefs.items()])
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